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Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on May 28, 2009 by lmdiorio

Memorial day has passed and it is officially summer time!  I had a great weekend in Bethany Beach, DE this Memorial Day weekend and the skinned was burned and now peeling to prove it.  Normally when you work with Academia the summer is a nice quiet few months, however this year seems like it may be a bit busier than usual.  Given the state of the economy – I welcome it with open arms.

With the summer comes vacation, the beach, the pool and one of my favorites – Grilling.  I don’t own a home or have outdoor space so I’m forced to grill on my sidewalk.  That is right, I said sidewalk.  I call it grilling 35th Place style.  I have 2 small tailgating grills that I fire up with some charcoal and some outdoor chairs for people to sit and enjoy.  In case it gets cold, I even have a firepit to light up.  I run an extension cord from my apartment so I can plug in the iPod and listen to some tunes.   I’ve grilled with one friend and I’ve grilled with 30 friends.  No matter what it – it is always a great time.  The food may burn or taste like charcoal but it is about the company that is important.

I have been to some BBQs and grilled out where the food was fantastic but the people were duds.  I pride myself on trying to have at least good food but definitely having fun!  It may take an hour to get the grill hot, dogs may fall off of it, chicken and fish may stick to it and burgers may burn but if you have an ice cold beer and good company – who cares.

As the summer progresses and we break out the dogs and ribs on the grill – remember have fun.  If you have to try and impress your friends with gourmet food from the grill and you’re not Bobby Flay – well they’re not your friends they are a bunch of blow hards.  However if you are Bobby Flay invite me over – I will bring the Crunk brew!