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Stimulating the Old Way

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Driving home from work yesterday on Chain Bridge Road I saw a new home construction site and at the site there was a sign – “Stimulating the Old Way.”  The sign was fantastic and how true.  The home looked as if it has recently been framed and you could even smell the fresh sawdust.  It really made me think – building a new home, providing jobs, purchasing equipment and tools and obtaining financing.  All things that truly do stimulate the economy. I have even been doing my best to stimulate the economy (what little I can do) although I have never really been good at saving money to begin with.  I go to my local restaurants and I try to focus on my local stores and farmers markets.

Recently I’ve noticed an uptick in people with whom I’m connected with on LinkedIn changing their status to something like the following: “motivated Marketing Manager seeking a growth oriented position….”  Now, we have done what we can at my company to hire people who we are connected with and have speciality backgrounds as subcontractors but the work is not all specific to one specialty so it may not be enough  to keep someone afloat.  Nonetheless, we are trying to help keep money in their pockets or assist in paying for the little things like kids’ braces as times continue to be tough.  Without analyzing the ABC, TARP, XYZ and other stimulus/bailout/recovery plans – I just wonder how easy it is to do little things to if nothing else just help out – Stimulate the Old Way.

So – as Joe Dirt (pronounced Deertay – it’s French) says, “We must keep on, keeping on.” One day I’ll win the lottery and I can do as much Stimulating the Old Way as I can, until then I just try to do the little things.


Finally (Red) Friday

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Opposites attract – take for example the following: falling, declining, down, up, rising, increasing.  What is the attraction?  Well – they are all words that are used to explain the various financial crises in the world today.  In November we experienced the largest loss of jobs since 1964, unemployment is up to 6.7%. The price of gasoline was at its highest over the summer in a long time and now it has fallen and one CEO is saying that it could fall to $1/gallon.  Yet the oil companies are experience rising profits.  The Federal government is providing various corporations with billions of dollars to “bail” them out of their financial hardships.  Taxes are going up or are they going downCuts or hikes? Banks are being bought and sold, some are strong and some are weak or not at all. I think I’ve been lucky.  I have a very steady job, business is good and I have great family and friends.  But all in all – the whole situation seems devastating to the psyche of a lot of people.  Was it avoidable – Yes, no, well if we did this and we did that – who knows.  Sure things are avoidable, hindsight is 20/20.  With the right precautions, colds are avoidable.  I’m not sure that the same applies here.

As opposites seem to be more of the same – I hope that we continue to try to move “Out of the blue (red) and into the black. “ I’m off to put some money back into the economy.

Literally Taking a Haircut

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There was an interesting post on the “One-Person Business” blog from Inc. yesterday entitled – The Haircut Index. The premise of the post is the analysis of all the statistics, metrics and data that are being reported regarding the current economic crisis within the global markets.  The author takes an interesting approach to measuring the effect this downturn has had – a very popular and talented hair stylist has recently had some openings in what is normally a very busy schedule:

“In my small town in New York’s Hudson Valley, there’s a hair stylist who is known for his impressive talent with haircutting shears. Walk in with a shaggy head and after a brief time with Sean’s nimble work using scissors or razor, you’ll leave crisply styled. As a result, his appointment book is always full, often months in advance. While I’m delighted every time he cuts my hair, I’m usually too disorganized or haven’t planned far enough in advance to get a spot on Sean’s calendar.

The other day I called his salon, hoping to snag one of his rare cancellations (self-employment does have its scheduling benefits). Imagine my surprise when the receptionist said, “Terri, next week Sean has an opening on Wednesday at 11, and two on Thursday at 2 and 4. Which do you prefer?”

There clearly has been a major shift in the demand for what could be considered luxury items.  With the state of the economy pretty dire and an average of more than 26% losses in investments and endowments, people are cutting back.  This opening in the stylist’s normally busy schedule supports this greatly.  Often times when things are bad people will cut their budgets in other places and keep the lavish expense of a good spa treatment to otherwise treat some of the depression factors that come with a bad economy.  It appears however that things are so bad that even the more luxurious expenses are being cut.

My mother works for a relatively large luxury watch and jewelry maker and with the holidays coming up things are usually booming.  The other day she mentioned that people weren’t buying the higher end pieces but rather the $200 and under pieces.  So as we struggle to grasp a full understanding of what these “bail outs” mean to our economy, impending changes in tax policies and a stock market that is more volatile than a category 4 hurricane – what are you doing to cut back?  Personally I prefer to put money into the economy but I have never been known to be thrifty.  Perhaps we all will literally get coal in our stockings just to feed the fire and stay warm.

I’m off to get my hair trimmed!