Stimulating the Old Way

Driving home from work yesterday on Chain Bridge Road I saw a new home construction site and at the site there was a sign – “Stimulating the Old Way.”  The sign was fantastic and how true.  The home looked as if it has recently been framed and you could even smell the fresh sawdust.  It really made me think – building a new home, providing jobs, purchasing equipment and tools and obtaining financing.  All things that truly do stimulate the economy. I have even been doing my best to stimulate the economy (what little I can do) although I have never really been good at saving money to begin with.  I go to my local restaurants and I try to focus on my local stores and farmers markets.

Recently I’ve noticed an uptick in people with whom I’m connected with on LinkedIn changing their status to something like the following: “motivated Marketing Manager seeking a growth oriented position….”  Now, we have done what we can at my company to hire people who we are connected with and have speciality backgrounds as subcontractors but the work is not all specific to one specialty so it may not be enough  to keep someone afloat.  Nonetheless, we are trying to help keep money in their pockets or assist in paying for the little things like kids’ braces as times continue to be tough.  Without analyzing the ABC, TARP, XYZ and other stimulus/bailout/recovery plans – I just wonder how easy it is to do little things to if nothing else just help out – Stimulate the Old Way.

So – as Joe Dirt (pronounced Deertay – it’s French) says, “We must keep on, keeping on.” One day I’ll win the lottery and I can do as much Stimulating the Old Way as I can, until then I just try to do the little things.


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