St. Patty’s Day Green – the color of the future

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.   Today, as I put on my green argyle socks and my green tie to celebrate – I had a random thought.   Green is the color of the future.   And no this is not some shameless environmental plug.  Green is the color of spring, green is the color of money, Boston has the \”Green Monster,\” and yes it may be easy to be green!

In all of the negative energy that surrounds us these days, I could not help but think about how the color green could represent our positive movement into the future.  After all, our future really is only ours.  Spring is a time a new birth, where plants and animals emerge from a winter slumber to rise anew, fresh and ready for a new beginning.  We see the green grass brighten as each day goes by and we see the green stems of the beautiful tulips as they pop out of the ground.   A \”greenhorn\” is a rookie – someone new to something, someone learning, someone developing (this is my shameless Deadliest Catch plug).

Yes, green is the color of  money and yes money does not seem to be all around us but what if we strive to manage our lives and make them financially sound.  It means sustainance for our future.  At New Years Italians will eat lentils for good luck- they are green (sort of), they represent money and a hearty meal.

Anyway, I may be seeing Red but I\’m thinking Green.  Here\’s to the luck of the Irish.  Erin Go Bragh.


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