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“I’m A Worried Man”

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This song I think sums up what a lot of people may be thinking as we continue to experience the economic crisis.

“I’m A Worried Man” by Willie Nelson with Toots and the maytalls


My Top Ten Christmas Carols

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I’m Catholic so I celebrate Christmas – so this is not meant to offend.  As many people know the Christmas carols start coming out on the radio earlier and earlier each year.   I thought I would divert from my usual banter and list my top 10 Christmas Carols.

What are your’s?

10. Little Drummer Boy – who doesn’t love to recite pa rum pum pum pum. Check out this version with Bing Crosby and Davide Bowie.

9. Jingle Bell Rock

8. Frosty the Snowman

7. Feliz Navidad – something about this song just makes me want to dance.

6. Joy to the World – at our Church the have a horn section that rocks out during this song.

5. We Three Kings – I’m a bass so it is easy for me sing

4. White Christmas – Bing Crosby still sings it the best

3. Carol of the Bells – Ding Dong, Ding Dong. Trans-Siberian Orchestra does it best.

2. I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas – I’m sorry this is hysterical

and finally,

1. Grandma got run over by a reindeer – “And the pudding made of pig – Ahh”
My family usually all joins in and sings this one at Christmas dinner, especially after a few drinks.  I think we     have a weird John Prine obsession because we sang “Please don’t Bury Me” at Thanksgiving.  I have a video of my Dad and Uncle that will be up on YouTube shortly.

Finally (Red) Friday

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Opposites attract – take for example the following: falling, declining, down, up, rising, increasing.  What is the attraction?  Well – they are all words that are used to explain the various financial crises in the world today.  In November we experienced the largest loss of jobs since 1964, unemployment is up to 6.7%. The price of gasoline was at its highest over the summer in a long time and now it has fallen and one CEO is saying that it could fall to $1/gallon.  Yet the oil companies are experience rising profits.  The Federal government is providing various corporations with billions of dollars to “bail” them out of their financial hardships.  Taxes are going up or are they going downCuts or hikes? Banks are being bought and sold, some are strong and some are weak or not at all. I think I’ve been lucky.  I have a very steady job, business is good and I have great family and friends.  But all in all – the whole situation seems devastating to the psyche of a lot of people.  Was it avoidable – Yes, no, well if we did this and we did that – who knows.  Sure things are avoidable, hindsight is 20/20.  With the right precautions, colds are avoidable.  I’m not sure that the same applies here.

As opposites seem to be more of the same – I hope that we continue to try to move “Out of the blue (red) and into the black. “ I’m off to put some money back into the economy.

Craigslist Ride of the Day – MB 280SE

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This Mercedes 280SE is one of the all time classic sedans.  The hubcaps with matching body paint coloring and the big grill make it one of the most sophisticated cars I’ve ever seen.  Plus, this car was classically featured in movies like Rocky IV and Indiana Jones – mostly driven by Germans and Russians.