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Technology Development

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Great posting on the The ChamberPost today regarding the Gang of 31 and the repercussions of the adoption of their proposals by the Obama administration.  Check out this excerpt and link to the full article here:

Disincentives to Develop New Technologies

It has been repeatedly proven, in energy and other sectors, that a lack of protection for intellectual property rights acts as a disincentive to further research and development.  A balance must therefore be achieved between patents and developing nation access to climate-related technologies to facilitate technology transfer to developing nations.  These groups are simultaneously asking the U.S. to re-engineer its economy to address climate change while also demanding that the U.S. and other developed countries give away any real economic value such re-engineering would generate.


Literally Taking a Haircut

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There was an interesting post on the “One-Person Business” blog from Inc. yesterday entitled – The Haircut Index. The premise of the post is the analysis of all the statistics, metrics and data that are being reported regarding the current economic crisis within the global markets.  The author takes an interesting approach to measuring the effect this downturn has had – a very popular and talented hair stylist has recently had some openings in what is normally a very busy schedule:

“In my small town in New York’s Hudson Valley, there’s a hair stylist who is known for his impressive talent with haircutting shears. Walk in with a shaggy head and after a brief time with Sean’s nimble work using scissors or razor, you’ll leave crisply styled. As a result, his appointment book is always full, often months in advance. While I’m delighted every time he cuts my hair, I’m usually too disorganized or haven’t planned far enough in advance to get a spot on Sean’s calendar.

The other day I called his salon, hoping to snag one of his rare cancellations (self-employment does have its scheduling benefits). Imagine my surprise when the receptionist said, “Terri, next week Sean has an opening on Wednesday at 11, and two on Thursday at 2 and 4. Which do you prefer?”

There clearly has been a major shift in the demand for what could be considered luxury items.  With the state of the economy pretty dire and an average of more than 26% losses in investments and endowments, people are cutting back.  This opening in the stylist’s normally busy schedule supports this greatly.  Often times when things are bad people will cut their budgets in other places and keep the lavish expense of a good spa treatment to otherwise treat some of the depression factors that come with a bad economy.  It appears however that things are so bad that even the more luxurious expenses are being cut.

My mother works for a relatively large luxury watch and jewelry maker and with the holidays coming up things are usually booming.  The other day she mentioned that people weren’t buying the higher end pieces but rather the $200 and under pieces.  So as we struggle to grasp a full understanding of what these “bail outs” mean to our economy, impending changes in tax policies and a stock market that is more volatile than a category 4 hurricane – what are you doing to cut back?  Personally I prefer to put money into the economy but I have never been known to be thrifty.  Perhaps we all will literally get coal in our stockings just to feed the fire and stay warm.

I’m off to get my hair trimmed!

IP Legislation and Economic Growth

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Here is a great article citing Senator Voinovich on Intellectual property rights and how they are designed to help protect and create opportunities in the US economy via The Chamberpost.  Some key points are below.  I actually wrote my Masters degree thesis on Intellectual Property Rights and their effect on the Global Economy and Entrepreneurship.

Legislation designed to help protect and create U.S. Jobs

“…IP theft is a substantial and growing economic threat, with American companies losing an around $250 billion dollars a year to IP theft — and American workers losing an about 750,000 jobs. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has estimated that the U.S. auto industry could hire 200,000 more workers if the sale of counterfeit auto parts were eliminated. Imagine that: 200,000 more good-paying jobs.

IP theft is no longer limited to knock-off handbags and pirated DVDs. Counterfeit medicine, baby formula, airplane parts and brake pads infiltrate store shelves and put Americans at risk every day. It seems that almost weekly there is another news story about fake products being sold to unwitting consumers.

America’s competitive edge is derived from innovation and rising productivity, and the protection of our intellectual property remains one of the best means for ensuring that American manufacturers enjoy the benefits of their investments. For the past four years, I have worked tirelessly to ensure that the products made from American innovation are not illegally copied….

…We are facing many daunting challenges as a nation — but none is bigger than turning around our economy, growing jobs and helping people survive day to day. And I am doing everything in my power to put Ohio first in line for the jobs of the future.”

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

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Recently we’ve seen a lot of food science and technology out there in the marketplace.  Now a potential application in the prevention of Diabetes. Check out the patent here.

Food science has become one of the new it things.  Restaurants and chefs are starting to consider all of the technical aspects of food including the harvesting, slaughtering, cooking and consumption.  In addition to the preparation and consumption, a lot of study has gone into the use of various elements of food as remedies and possible cures for disease, illness and hunger crises.  Food science applies concepts from many different fields including microbiology, chemical engineering, biochemistry and many others.

As a fan of Top Chef and the Food Network, I hope we can see improved use of food science and technology in not only cooking but as a recognition that there are other science uses for food, food products and engineered food.  Whether it is a spice, a genetically engineered crop, flavonoids, micro-biotic diets and special preparations – eat, drink and be merry.

Election Tuesday

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It wouldn’t be an election day if I couldn’t add just one more post to the many that are out there regarding getting out to vote and the national election.

So as you ponder whether you want to put your “Country First” or “Change you can believe in” definitely exercise your right to vote.  I have only one question – shouldn’t we have and do both?