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All Hallow’s Eve

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It is finally Friday and it also just so happens to be Halloween or all hallow’s eve, the day before All Saint’s Day.  Traditionally this celebration was based on various northern European pagan traditions but also precedes the Christian feast of All Saint’s Day which occurs on November 1st.  Roman Catholics previously celebrated Halloween as the vigial to All Saint’s Day.

All Saint’s Day or all hallows is day celebrated in Roman Catholic tradition to honor all saints both known and unknown.  Saints are all of those who have attained the beatific vision in heaven.  Immediately following all Saint’s day is All Souls’ Day.  All Souls day celebrates those who have faithfully departed.

Regardless of your faith, these days to me are important.  They represent a celebration of the lives of those who have gone before us, who have impacted our lives and those close to us in our hearts.  It has been a little over a year since my Grandfather passed way, a man who should be celebrated on All Saints day.  Personally I will be taking this time to reflect on what a wonderful, caring and loving person that he was in life.  Also, I will be celebrating the lives of the people in my family because we have all been impacted by his grace.

Please do not take this a me pushing “faith” on anyone rather just a reflection.  So I say dress up, have fun, be safe and don’t eat too much candy.

I can’t wait to see some of the costumes that will be out there.  Given it is an election year I can only imagine the political satires that will be seen.  Not to mention guys dressed like girls, girls dressed like guys and one of my personal favorites – the shower (Karate Kid reference here).

Happy Halloween!


Craigslist Ride of the Day – 1967 VW Beetle Classic (Herbie!)

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All I can think of is Herbie, Lindsay Lohan and Punch Buggy no Punch backs!

1967 VW Beetle Classic – Volkswagen Bug Classic – $3900 (Kensington, MD)

Happy Hump Day

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It is Wednesday – finally getting over the hump of the week.  So far this week has been pretty good.  I think I have brought in some new business, I had a great dinner with friends on Monday and I’m headed to a childhood friend’s wedding on Friday.    This weekend my aunt is being invested into the Order of Malta as a Dame and I am looking forward to celebrating with my family members.

Last night I had my first of two – 2 hour Lector training classes.  If you are not familiar – I’m training to do a reading at Mass.  This training is intense.  There is a workbook and handouts and homework!  The instructor assigned a practice reading and of course I draw the one that he said was one of the hardest to do.  I have my work cut out for me.  I guess practice makes perfect so I will be practicing in the mirror until next week’s training.

I decided to volunteer as a Lector for several reasons.  One – I go to church almost every week.  Now I do not consider myself a devout Catholic or even a holy one at that but I do enjoy mass for the opportunity to have a devoted hour of reflection each week.  Two – I thought it may be a good way to meet people (women – just kidding – but seriously women).  I’m not out there looking for a good Catholic girl – shoot I’m looking for anyone (just kidding – but seriously anyone).  But why not use this as an opportunity to meet other people in my community.  Especially now that all of my friends seem to be in serious relationships or married and I’m typically the one who make the reservations an odd number.  Not to mention – hey why not, it could be good for me professionally as well.

So I will be practicing my reading this week with the hopes that I don’t flunk out of my Lector training class – that would be embarrassing.

Craigslist Ride of the Day – 1974 Oldsmobile Convertible – Delta 88 Royale

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For some reason I just see myself driving around this bohemouth of a rag top with a beatiful lady cozied up next to me on some beautiful fall country roads – take me home, to a place…

1974 Oldsmobile Convertible – Delta 88 Royale

Finally Friday, Financial Frenzy!

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I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, I apologize.  I have actually been pretty busy and to be honest with all of the turmoil going on in our society right now  – financial, politcal, international, etc.  – I haven’t had much to say.  I’m just happy I have only lost what I have lost to this point.  I know, sad.

On a brighter note, our business is really busy.  Luckily for us, working with Universities and the government makes what we do almost recession proof.  I’m marketing several interesting technologies and working on some really exciting projects with our clients.  Also, there is some promising new on some of the new business I have been working on.

The last few weeks have been really fun personally.  I have had the opportunity to spend time with some really great people.  This definitely makes all that is going on much more tolerable.

So with all of that said, I plow along like so many.  Trying to keep my head above water, get back on track and let the good times roll.  Personally, I think this will be a very interesting time for so many in generations X and Y, this really is our time to shine and make a difference.  How?  Well, we will be voting in a few weeks,  I might be opening an ETrade account to see if I can’t make the best of the market happenings and shoot – I’m plan ole cutting back.