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Traveling Wilburys

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If you haven’t noticed – I have been traveling, ALOT!  I have been on the road since Saturday July 12th and finally spent the night in my own apartment yesterday.   I’m back on the road in 3 days, for 3 more days.  Despite being absolutely exhausted, I had a great time and experience.  In the interest of full disclosure I did get to go to Nantucket for a few days and spent some time in Newport so I have a decent tan.

Traveling for work is interesting.  Being the only person in the office who is not married and does not have kids – I think I’m going to be doing a lot of the traveling for the company over the next few months.  Personally I don’t mind too much.  One note though, I feel totally disconnected from my social life.  Although I really enjoy traveling my hope is that I do not become the friend who is never around and misses out on all of the fun things that my friends do, not to mention potentially dating etc.  So as I try and focus on managing my time – I will also try to find friends in all of the places that I will be traveling to so I can have some fun too.

I’m not at the “End of the Line” yet!


Sunday Dinners

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I’m in Cleveland for a meeting through Wednesday and when I got here on Sunday night I was walking around trying to find a place to eat. Well I stumbled upon a little place called Crop. On Sundays, Crop has a prix fixe menu called Sunday Supper for $25 that includes a salad, your choice of an entree and dessert. I had the Salmon over a red rice cake which was fantastic and the apricot dessert was tasty.

Sunday dinners are very important to me. I have friends that often try to get together on Sunday evenings and when I still lived at home we had dinner at my grandfather’s almost every Sunday. At my other grandparents, Sunday dinner was always something a bit more special than the regular weekly meal – maybe a really good steak. I usually go to the 5:30p Sunday mass at Holy Trinity and then a great Sunday dinner with family or friends. To me it is a great way to clear my mind and get ready for the week ahead.

Traveling Road Show

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Starting tomorrow I am off on my traveling road show for work and for fun.  I head to Cleveland tomorrow to see some friends and play some golf.  Then Monday to Wednesday still in Cleveland for a meeting/conference.  Back to DC for a day then I head to PA to have dinner with my family, Newport that Saturday for the day, Providence for dinner and then Boston that Sunday.  I’m in Boston Monday to Wednesday for another meeting/conference.  Wednesday afternoon I make the drive to Hyannis and off to Nantucket for a couple of days!

It sounds like a lot but I’m really looking forward to it, especially because I love Nantucket!  I’m sure I’ll have some great reflections to make from my trips and I’ll be sure to share.

A. B. C.

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ALWAYS BE CLOSING! On Monday I received a signed engagement letter on my first deal.  I’ve only been at the new position for about a month and a half and I was able to bring in a client that they have not previously been able to secure.  This is definitely exciting for me.  I really like business development and marketing and it is so fulfilling to feel like I am finally earning my keep.  My goal would be to pay for myself and then some – also because like any business development person – I get a cut.

When I graduated from college I took a position as a Sales Consultant with an Insurance Agency.  You could say that I was like Willy Loman.  I learned that I was great at building relationships, I didn’t like cold calling and I had a hard time asking for the sale.  Well it has been 6 years now and I’ve greatly improved my relationship building skills, tolerate cold calls and I’m only timid when it comes to asking for the sale. I guess you could say I am improving.  I actually had a prospective client share my cappuccino one time at lunch – let me tell you, I was happy that she was comfortable enough with me to do that but a little uncomfortable with the fact that a married woman with kids would do that (ok, not that uncomfortable).

I guess what I am trying to say is – build relationships, never burn bridges and be ready to have your coffee drink shared by a spoken for woman.


Neighborhood Hang Outs

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As most of my friends know – I a regular at the Social Safeway in Georgetown.  I have been going there for 5 years now and I probably shop there about 5 times a week.  It is perfect because it is right across the street from my apartment and I’m able to get fresher groceries.  I frequent the Safeway so much that I actually know many of the employees by first name and they know me.  In fact last night Tom, one of the managers, actually opened up another checkout and secretly told me which one it was so I could be first in line.  Talk about perks at the grocery store.  There has been some buzz over the Burleith residents’ listserv about a renovation at the Safeway that will have it closed for a full year.  What am I going to do without my nightly stops at the store?  Am I actually going to have shop at the Whole Foods (or Whole paycheck as someone put it yesterday)?  Yikes – this may mean I will have to go to either VA or the Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan.

Clearly I really like my neighborhood.  After 5 years – I finally know where everything is, where to go and who the people are in the area.  In fact when I moved here 5 years ago – I started going to Bourbon in Glover Park – like the first day it opened.  I was the guy there alone on Friday nights getting to know the bartenders, eating dinner and drinking too much.   So much in fact I usually ending up buying all of the attractive woman at the bar a drink – it never really got me anywhere but hey it was fun.  Thank goodness I was friends with the bartenders or else I would have been broke.  I was there so often that they joked that they opened the Bourbon in Adams Morgan because they found out I was dating someone in that neighborhood (whom I am not longer dating – ladies 🙂 ).

There is something to be said for a community like atmosphere whether it is going to the Flea Market at the Hardy Middle School (which should reopen soon) or just knowing the barista at the Starbucks.  It makes me wonder as the DC neighborhoods continue to move East – are they going to be as friendly and convenient?  Will the constant violent crime that is that area subside?  Will the residents know someone like Tom at their Safeway?

Although I may be moving soon (maybe Boston, Chicago or Atlanta), I can’t imagine not being in my neighborhood even without a Metro.  So make friends with your local retailers and their employees – it will make your experiences that much better.

Muggy Monday

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It is finally here – Humidity at 80% plus in Washington, DC.  This is my least favorite time in Washington, DC weather speaking.  Alas, not much I can do about it.

This past weekend was the 4th of July, the AT&T National and a friend’s going away party.  All were a lot of fun.  There is something to be said for great people and good times.

One of the things that I noticed this weekend most importantly was that when my group of friends is all together – I am for the most part completely relaxed. I think that is definitely a reflexion on my friends and how great they are. So to my friends thank you.  As I sweat through the rest of the summer I look forward to time spent together even if one of the best people in the world will be miles away and we will miss him till he comes home.

Hitting the Links!

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Happy early Fourth of July!  Between now and Sunday I will be spending my time watching the AT&T National Golf Tournament at Congressional Country Club, BBQing and celebrating a great friend as he moves to Asia for a few months.  I’m really looking forward to this weekend.  Last year at this time I did much of the same but I was definitely not in the same place mentally so needless to say – watch out as I’m ready to party!

The fourth of July has always been one of my more favorite holidays since moving to DC in 2003.  In fact I moved to DC the week before the 4th in 2003 so this weekend marks 5 years! Every year thereafter we celebrated in style!  That includes 2 years of huge parties at my friend’s house with an ice luge.  I’ve never seen so many empty bottles of flavored schnapps as I did those years.  We had too much fun.

As I prepare to leave the office early today and tomorrow to get ready – how do you celebrate the day our country earned its independence?  Do you watch a Will Smith movie? Light sparklers? BBQ? I know I’ll be sunburned and full of plenty libations.  Who knows – perhaps I’ll relive the events of the two years with the ice luge.  One can only hope.

Happy Fourth of July!